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Mogens Winkel Holm   (1936 - 1999)


Mogens Winkel Holm has played several roles in musical life, as an oboist, critic, choreographer, and as a central figure in the administration of organizations, festivals and government cultural subsidies. He has composed a few vocal works, but first and foremost instrumental music, ballets and theatre music. The physical and gestural elements of the dance reappear in much of his music. His breakthrough came in 1970 with Galgarien - other striking works are Aiolos and the chamber work Syv breve til stilheden (Seven letters to the silence). Winkel Holm has not associated himself with any particular stylistic or aesthetic school, or to the dominant "Nordic" tradition. The chronology of his works therefore bears no relationship to the general trends in Danish music.

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Works for Classical Accordion
Works for Classical Accordion

CD 8.224028 (1996)

The Norwegian virtuoso Geir Draugsvoll plays works by among others Andy Pape and Ejnar Kanding

Chamber Music
Chamber Music
Mogens Winkel Holm

DCCD 9111 (1994)

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