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Lapland Chamber Orchestra Wind Quintet  


Lapland Chamber Orchestra Wind Quintet performs regularly in Lapland Chamber Orchestra concerts, as well as giving concerts of its own. The Quintet has premiered Jouko Tötterström’s Wind Quintet No. 1 in 2010, Sunleif Rasmussen’s Motion/Emotion in 2011 at Hetta Festival in Finland, and Geoff Palmer’s Auriga in 2011 at Sound Festival in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Quintet is mainly performing contemporary music and has given several Finnish premieres, but its repertoire also includes the entire basic wind quintet literature. The Quintet has even toured in Hungary, Romania and Scotland.

Members of the Wind Quintet are Heli Haapala (flute), Markku Moilanen (oboe), Pekka Niskanen (clarinet), Ilkka Puputti (horn), and Antal Mojzer (bassoon).

Live Dates

12/03/2014   International Record Review

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music
"Magnificently unpredictable work, full of colour, energy and atmosphere."
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27/02/2014   Audiophile Audition

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music
3/5 Stars

"intriguing to listen."
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25/02/2014   Classica

Sunleif Rasmussen: Motion/Emotion - Kammermusik
3/4 Stars

"Les membres de l'Orchestre de chambre de Laponie, excellement motivés par John Storgårds (...) méneront sans heurt Tauditeur à dépasser frontières et habitudes."
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17/01/2014   Gramophone

Sunleif Rasmussen: Motion/Emotion
"Superb performances throughout from Lapland Chamber Orchestra players, with Dacapo’s standard excellent sound."
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18/10/2013   Jyllands-Posten

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music
4/6 Stars

"Sunleif Rasmussen er allerede så betagende en turbine af naturskildringer, at det virker ekstra stærkt, når folkemelodierne dukker op i hans fintmaskede tonenet."
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Photo: Arto Liiti


Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music
Motion/Emotion - Chamber Music
Sunleif Rasmussen

SACD 6.220643 (2013)

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