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Juliana Hodkinson   (Born 1971)


Juliana Hodkinson (b. 1971) is a composer and arts writer from the UK, but has been based in Denmark since coming to study composition with Per Nørgård and Hans Abrahamsen. From a background in chamber music, she has since developed her composing activities towards mixed formats such as instrumental theatre, installation-performance, and film. A number of her pieces seek to re-actualize works from the classical- omantic repertoire, such as “Katrine’s Corridor” (a sound-based video installation) and “The recital piece”, both based on fragments of Schubert’s B major Sonata D 960.

Live Dates

07/06/2011   Amazon (UK)

Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Rønsholdt: Fish & Fowl
4/5 Stars

"Gloriously abstract, yet possessed of an enigmatic narrative and emotional coherence, Fish and Fowl will keep you under its spell from beginning to end."
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11/02/2011   Politiken

Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Rønsholdt: Fish & Fowl
4/6 Hjerter

"Man bliver helt rød i hovedet af at lytte til komponisten Juliana Hodkinsons lydkollage."
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09/02/2011   Dagens Nyheter

Juliana Hodkinson; Niels Rønsholdt: Fish & Fowl
4/4 Stars

"Musiken trevar, famlar, smeker och vilar i ett oavbrutet spel mellan närhet och avstånd, det uttalade och det outtalade."
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Fish & Fowl
Fish & Fowl
Juliana Hodkinson; Niels Rønsholdt

CD 8.226550 (2011)

Two composers transform in an intimate and violent experiment their recorded chamber works into a total "super remix"


CD 8.226539 (2006)

Modern recompositions of classical hits like "The Flight of the Bumble-Bee" and Monti’s "Czardas"

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