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Jesper Nordin  


Jesper Nordin is a Danish conductor widely experienced with opera and new music in particular. Since his debut from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2006 he has conducted all of the professional orchestras, choirs and ensembles in Denmark, as well as orchestras in Finland, Sweden, France, Ukraine and Great Britain. From 2008 to 2010 he was Studienleiter at The Royal Danish Opera, where he also conducted both opera and ballet, featuring in more than 25 productions. In 2012 Nordin won a national conductor competition arranged by The Danish Conductors Association. He has also pemiered more than 100 new works and is closely connected to his own generation of Danish composers. As a composer and arranger Nordin has been performed by Odense Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Vocal Ensemble and at the Royal Danish Theatre.


Live Dates

09/08/2016   Seismograf

PETER BRUUN The Green Groves
[..] "Throughout the recording, its members sound, collectively, as if they have acute awareness of all the music’s implications."
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01/08/2016   Music Web International

OLE BUCK Værker for sinfonietta
[..] “Buck's music is well worth running to ground. His minimalism differs from that of the major American practitioners but its shimmer and glow should quickly win it new friends, even if there is some pepper in the mix.”
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20/07/2016   GREGERSDH

OLE BUCK Værker for sinfonietta
[..] ”Det er magisk opslugende musik. [..] Der indfinder sig en nærmest zenbuddhistisk ro i sjælen.” [..]
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30/06/2016   GregersDH

5/5 Stars

[..] "Ingen af samtidens danske komponister har skrevet som Pelle G.-H."
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Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

CD 8.226126 (2016)

Sinfonietta Works
Sinfonietta Works
Ole Buck

CD 8.226589 (2016)

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