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Jens Bruno Hansen  


Jens Bruno Hansen trained privately with among others Helge Frees Christiansen and John Guttmann. Since 1986 he has been engaged by the Danish Radio Chamber Choir, at the Danish National Opera in Aarhus, Aarhus Theatre and the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. He is frequently used as a bass in the classic works of the oratorio repertoire and as a performer of the most recent contemporary music in many different contexts. Jens Bruno Hansen appeared in the premiere of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’ opera The Lighthouse at The Other Opera in 1997. He is also a trained musicologist and as such has worked as an adviser and consultant to various institutions and firms; for the past eight years he has been the music rights organization KODA’s adviser on specialized musical matters.

Live Dates

01/05/2011   Ritmo

Morten S. Danielsen: Donalds09
4/4 Stars

"El desafío a lo bien hecho y la casi desesperación que hay en esas grotescas rupturas nos mantiene atados."
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25/11/2010   Politiken

Morten Skovgaard Danielsen: Donalds09
"Skiftevis rædselsfuldt, smukt, uudholdeligt og dragende trækkes lytteren gennem en oplevelse af de mere udfordrende."
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05/11/2010   Gapplegate Music Review

Morten Skovgaard Danielsen: Donalds09
"It surely should not be ignored by anyone who wants to embrace what is new ... It may be a milestone."
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Morten S. Danielsen

CD 8.226563 (2010)

A surreal and suicidal chamber opera in a variety of styles and expressions by the late Morten S. Danielsen

Leonora Christine
Leonora Christine
Andy Pape

CD 8.224171-72 (2001)

A gripping chamber opera about the princess who is imprisoned by her own father

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