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Heidi Hansen  


Heidi Hansen (b. 1972) is a student at The Danish Accordion Academy and the Academy of Music, Odense. She won the Berlingske Classical Music Award in 1988 and was Unesco World Champion in Wiesbaden two years later.

Live Dates

15/11/1994   Fanfare

Sven Erik Werner: Tango Studies
"Danish Accordion Ensemble is a crackerjack troupe remarkably well recorded with punch and detail...strikes a most rewarding balance between entertainment and art."
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Photo: From left Carsten Holbek, Morten Rossen, Heidi Hansen, Majken Bell, Anders Vesterdahl, Hans Jørgen Holbek, Lelo Nika


Tango Studies
Tango Studies
Sven Erik Werner

CD 8.224006 (1994)

Accordion music with a nod to the tango maestro Astor Piazzolla

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