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Hans Lawaetz  


Hans Lawaetz (bass) trained at the Carl Nielsen Academy in Odense and the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Århus. He was with the Danish National Opera in Århus as a chorus singer and soloist from 1981, and in 1993 was engaged by the Chorus of the Royal Opera. He is a much-used oratorio soloist in Denmark and in that context has sung with all the regional orchestras, where he has appeared in among other works Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, St. John Passion and St. Matthew Passion. He has further appeared in Systema Natura at The Other Opera and sung the Baritone in Four Note Opera.

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Kafka's Trial
Kafka's Trial
Poul Ruders

CD 8.226042-43 (2006)

The vibrant successor to Ruders’ world success The Handmaid’s Tale

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