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Hanne Ørvad   (1945 - 2013)


Hanne Ørvad (1945-2013) was both a composer and a singer. She was trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and was a long standing member of the Danish National Chamber Choir / DR. As composer, Ørvad was self-taught. Singing has been the basis for most of her compositions counting numerous choral works as well as other works for vocal accompanied by different instruments. She has also written for solo instrument, various chamber music and one orchestral piece. Hanne Ørvad's music has been performed in numerous countries world wide. In 1995, she was granted The Danish Arts Foundation's 3 year scholarship for composers because "her music derives from an intuition and spontaneity, which she formulates highly imaginatively and with expressive confidence." In 2008, Hanne Ørvad had a first performance of her piece Sigil for solo accordeon, played by Adam Ørvad on the music feastival "Winds & Bellows" in Frederikshavn, Denmark. In 2008 Dacapo released Corona - with 5 choral works performed by the vocal ensembles of the Danish National Broadcast.

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Hanne Ørvad

CD 8.226534 (2008)

Spacious, magical choral music sung by three virtuoso ensembles

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