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Frode Haltli  


Frode Haltli made his debut in 2000 from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He was honoured by the Norwegian National Concert Association as “Young Soloist of the Year 2001". Alongside his solo work he plays in the trio POING, in the Trygve Seim Orchestra and in the folk music group RUSK.

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04/03/2011   Navigating Oort Cloud: Interview with Jexper Holmen
Collin Rae from Naxos of America talks to the eminent Danish composer Jexper Holmen about his new album Oort Cloud.
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11/03/2011   Gapplegate Music Review

Jexper Holmen: Oort Cloud
"There is nothing quite like this piece out there.You may love it, you may hate it, but you cannot ignore it."
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01/02/2011   Musikansich.de

Jexper Holmen: Oort Cloud
"Die Besetzung klingt ja auch einfach sehr gut, und man merkt gar nicht, wie die Zeit vergeht."
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Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud
Jexper Holmen

CD 8.226562 (2010)

A 40-minute sphere of sound, inspired by the cloud of comets believed to surround the solar system a light-year away

... and the lotus rose, quietly, quietly ...
... and the lotus rose, quietly, quietly ...
Klaus Ib Jørgensen

CD 8.224201 (2002)

Five virtuoso accordion works with leading representatives of Copenhagen’s fine accordion tradition

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