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Den Jyske Opera (Danish National Opera) is Denmark’s national touring opera company. Funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture and proudly based in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city and European Capital of Culture 2017, it tours across the whole country with both traditional and innovative opera for all ages, tastes and experiences. It is a distinctive, pacesetting part of the Danish cultural scene and for decades has presented productions of the highest artistic quality. With a fulltime chorus as part of 60 artistic, administrative and technical staff it performs regularly at the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen and collaborates with the Danish regional symphony orchestras including Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.


Live Dates

13/06/2016   Prisbelønnet dansk opera udkommer på DVD
Den Jyske Operas opsætning af Thomas Agerfeldt Olesens opera ”The Picture of Dorian Gray” er klar til udgivelse på DVD fredag 24. juni.
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01/02/2017   Ritmo

THOMAS AGERFELDT OLESEN: The Picture of Dorian Gray
4/5 Stars

"The music of Agerfeldt Olesen moves between passages of exploding atonality and others dominated by a sort of stylization of Straussian roots that function as a parodical allusion to Wilde's decadentism"
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25/10/2016   The WholeNote

THOMAS AGERFELDT OLESEN: The Picture of Dorian Gray
"The entire production somehow coalesces into a new multi-art genre"
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01/09/2016   Klassisk

4/6 Stars

"Virkelig flot konciperet og spillet."
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The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen

DVD 2.110415 (2016)

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