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Copenhagen String Quartet  


For many years the Copenhagen String Quartet, founded in 1957 by musicians from the Royal Dansh Orchestra, was one of the leading Danish chamber ensembles with extensive touring activities abroad. Its repertoire included music by Niels W. Gade and Vagn Holmboe, whose quartets were in many cases written for the ensemble.

Live Dates

15/08/1994   Berlingske Tidende

Friedrich Kuhlau & C.F.E. Horneman: String Quartets
"Intensiteten er til stede i hvert buestrøg."
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08/08/1994   Fanfare

Friedrich Kuhlau & C.F.E. Horneman: String Quartets
"They play like angels."
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String Quartets
String Quartets
Niels W. Gade

CD 8.224015 (1995)

Classic recordings of Gade’s sophisticated string quartets

String Quartets
String Quartets
Friedrich Kuhlau & C.F.E. Horneman

CD 8.224016 (1994)

Unsurpassed playing by Copenhagen String Quartet. A classic!

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