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Carsten Holbek  


Carsten Holbek (b. 1974) is a student at The Danish Accordion Academy and a member of the Danish Accordion Ensemble.

Live Dates

15/11/1994   Fanfare

Sven Erik Werner: Tango Studies
"Danish Accordion Ensemble is a crackerjack troupe remarkably well recorded with punch and detail...strikes a most rewarding balance between entertainment and art."
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Photo: From left Carsten Holbek, Morten Rossen, Heidi Hansen, Majken Bell, Anders Vesterdahl, Hans Jørgen Holbek, Lelo Nika


Tango Studies
Tango Studies
Sven Erik Werner

CD 8.224006 (1994)

Accordion music with a nod to the tango maestro Astor Piazzolla

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