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01/07/2013   Classicalcdreview.com

Andy Pape: An Amerikaner in Danmark
"…these are major showpieces for the soloists, brilliantly performed here. Throughout all this music it is obvious that Pape has a sense of humor. The Odense orchestra and conductor Henrik Vagn Christensen play very well, and audio is state-of-the-art, vividly capturing percussive effects."
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14/06/2013   Fyens Stiftstidende

Andy Pape: An Amerikaner in Danmark
4/6 Stars

"Der er noget befriende "mig selv" over Andy Papes kompositioner."
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An Amerikaner in Danmark
An Amerikaner in Danmark
Andy Pape

SACD 6.220567 (2013)

A self-ironic tribute to Gershwin from the Californian Andy Pape, who after 40 years in Denmark stands with a foot in each of two continents

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