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Wind Quintet

In 2002 five young virtuoso wind players created the woodwind quintet Carion from a shared vision of what chamber music might become. A dream of perfecting and developing the performance of wind chamber music binds these musicians together.

From the birth of the ensemble, the members of Carion have sought to convert the traditions of conventional chamber music into an up-to-date and appealing experience of high cultural value. They form an unusually cohesive ensemble that performs classical masterpieces in a way that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

To accomplish this Carion has developed a unique style where all works are performed from memory. The absence of music stands gives the musicians great freedom to communicate with one another and with the audience. It also allows a musically based choreography that reveals the inner architecture of the pieces, adding a dimension to the concert experience which makes even the avant-garde part of the repertoire readily accessible.

Carion has an on-going collaboration with the electronica guru Bjørn Svin. This collaboration has gained great acclaim through appearances at the Roskilde Festival, SPOT festival, Wundergrund Festival and Danish television. Furthermore, Carion has worked with classical artists such as the flute legend Sir James Galway and the Leipziger Streichquartett.

Carion has won prizes at several chamber music competitions, among them the Danish National Radio Chamber Music Competition in 2004. They placed first at the Marco Fiorino International Chamber Music Competition in Turin, Italy in 2006. In May of 2011 Carion won Bronze medal in Osaka International Chamber music Festa.

Live Dates

03/02/2014   Musik & Theater

"Das sind originelle Facetten tonaler Koppel-Stilistik, die fürs Repertoire der Kammermusik attraktiv bleiben."
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27/10/2013   Ensemble

4/4 Stars

"Carion-Bläser-quintetts verwandeln alles Notierte kunstfertig und oft solistisch brillierend in berückende Tonmalereien und bescheren grosse Hörfreude."
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01/10/2013   Ensemble

Carion plays Koppel
4/5 Stars

"Die Mitlieder des Carion-Bläserquintetts verwandeln alles Notierte kunstfertig und oft solistisch brillierend in berückende Tonmalereien und bescheren große Hörfreude."
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13/07/2013   MusicWeb International

Carion plays Koppel
"The recordings and the performances by the (nearly) sinister-sounding ensemble Carion are excellent."
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14/06/2013   Fyens Stiftstidende

Carion plays Koppel
4/6 Stars

"Godt gået her!"
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04/06/2013   Bayerischer Rundfunk - BR Klassik (radio)

Carion plays Koppel
"Eine wertvolle Bereicherung des Bläser-Repertoires, gespielt von einem großartigen, spielfreudigen Ensemble."
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14/05/2013   Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

Carion plays Koppel
5/6 Stars

"De tre aktuelle blæserkvintetter fra Koppel-familien vender og drejer sig mellem intense følelser og bratte opbremsninger, mellem humørsyge og smukke blæserguirlander."
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Carion plays Koppel - Wind Quintets
Carion plays Koppel - Wind Quintets
Herman D. Koppel, Anders Koppel, Benjamin Koppel

CD 8.226107 (2013)

Vital and playful chamber music from three generations of a unique Danish musician family: Herman, Anders and Benjamin Koppel

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