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Bo Anker Hansen  


Bo Anker Hansen (bass) studied at the Department of Musicology, University of Copenhagen and the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with the lecturers Sten Høgel, Keld Taarup and Birgit Bastian. He made his debut as a soloist in 1990. He was engaged by the Danish National Choir/DR in 1988-2004 and since 2005 has been with the Chorus of the Royal Danish Opera. He has appeared as a soloist in many CD recordings including Schumann’s Vom Pagen und Königstochter and Des Sängers Fluch, Carl Nielsen’s Aladdin and Hymnus amoris and in first performances of works by composers like Axel Borup- Jørgensen, Bernhard Lewkovitch, Lars Graugaard and Bent Lorentzen. Bo Anker Hansen has sung with all the Danish regional orchestras, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR, Collegium Musicum and with orchestras in Sweden, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. Among other awards he has received the Honorary Grant of the Simon Spies Foundation.

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Kafka's Trial
Kafka's Trial
Poul Ruders

CD 8.226042-43 (2006)

The vibrant successor to Ruders’ world success The Handmaid’s Tale

Royal Music
Royal Music

DCCD 9020 (1992)

A CC Music Store Solution