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Bill Morrison   (Born 1965)

Filmmaker, director

Bill Morrison (b. 1965), a New York-based filmmaker and artist, began his career in 1990 after attending the Cooper Union School of Art in New York, NY. He is one of the most recognized artists on the New York scene at present and has specialized in art-films and films with live music, and has been performed and screened across the globe. Morrison is a member of the Ridge Theatre Company and has received the American Obie and Bessie Awards for his work with theatrical space. His work Decasia with music by the New York composer Michael Gordon was hailed by the Village Voice’s critic J. Hoberman as “the most widely acclaimed American avant-garde film of the fin-de-siècle.”

Live Dates

04/09/2011   The Digital Fix

Simon Christensen & Bill Morrison: TRIBUTES - Pulse
"Tributes - Pulse looks and sounds absolutely terrific...The ability to finally see some of Morrison's work in HD will be more than enough reason to pick up this disc."
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Simon Christensen & Bill Morrison

BD 2.110411BD (2011)

In this art movie American filmmaker Bill Morrison and Danish composer Simon Christensen explores the theme of "pulse" in both music and film

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