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Anne-Mette Skovbjerg  


Anne-Mette Skovbjerg (guitar) graduated with honours from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. The first time she ever held a guitar was at the early age of seven and she has performed widely in Europe and the USA. Anne-Mette Skovbjerg has furthermore studied and attended masterclasses abroad. Her many travels to Spain have inspired an interest in the fiery temperament of flamenco guitar music. And this passion comes through today, both in her concert performances and in her teaching.

Live Dates

30/04/2012   American Record Guide

Wayne Siegel: Terra
"It is an ambient, peaceful work concerned primarily with echoes."
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01/01/2012   David's Review Cornor

Wayne Siegel: Terra
"I don’t know where electronic music will take us, but the disc as a whole I have enjoyed."
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Wayne Siegel

CD 8.226566 (2012)

Pioneering works by the American-born composer Wayne Siegel, where the computer interacts with acoustic instruments and the human voice.

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