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In 1995 seven young Faroese musicians formed an ensemble with the main purpose to perform and promote Faroese music. This ensemble is Aldubáran. Today Aldubáran has 14 members playing the flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, guitar and piano. This rather untraditional combination of instruments makes for great diversity in concerts and gives scope for composers. Aldubáran has commissioned and premiered a vast number of works by Faroese and foreign composers which have been well received by the press and public. Composer, Sunleif Rasmussen and the musicians in Aldubáran are the first generation of professional musicians in The Faroe Islands.

The close connection between Aldubáran and Sunleif Rasmussen has played a dynamic and integrated part in the development of Faroese music. The group has undertaken many projects throughout the years but without a doubt the biggest has been the commission of the first Faroese opera by Sunleif Rasmussen. An augmented Aldubáran with Bernharður Wilkinson, conductor, gave its premiere in 2006 to great critical acclaim from some of the most respected international music magazines and newspapers.


Live Dates

01/10/2011   Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Sunleif Rasmussen: Dancing Raindrops
"It will no doubt be appreciated by any enthusiast of modern chamber music and it sets expectations for longer works to come. Highly recommended."
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05/08/2011   OPUS

Sunleif Rasmussen: Dancing Raindrops
4/6 Stars

"Sunleif möter mig på bron, vi skakar hand och dricker ett krus mjöd tillsammans ... Tonen är fortfarande karg och abstrakt, men inte frånvänd"
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01/06/2011   Davids Review Corner

Sunleif Rasmussen: Dancing Raindrops
"I would add that it is a ‘very modern garb' ... highly impressive"
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Dancing Raindrops
Dancing Raindrops
Sunleif Rasmussen

CD 8.226567 (2011)

Five solo and chamber works combining echoes of traditional Faroese folk music with Baroque structures and electronically manipulated sounds

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