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The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki  


The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki, Akademiska Sångföreningen or simply Akademen in Swedish, is a Finland-Swedish male voice student choir based in Helsinki, Finland. The choir was founded as early as 1838 by Fredrik Pacius, music teacher at the Imperial Alexander University of Finland – now the University of Helsinki – and known as “the father of Finnish music”. Akademen is thus the oldest Finnish choir still in existence, and the ties to the University are still strong, even if members today come from many different universities and colleges all around Helsinki. Akademen has about 60 active members, most of whom are university students. Mus.D. Kari Turunen has directed the choir since 2008, following Henrik Wikström’s eleven years as conductor.

Live Dates

01/01/2017   Gramophone

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Symphony No. 2 'The Earth Anew'
"New music of a very, very high quality in a thrilling performance – and we have Storgårds to thank for both"
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01/12/2016   Classica

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew
3/4 Stars

"Conductor John Storgårds, a zealous herald of contemporary North-European music, knows how to captivate the Helsinki Philharmonic and the choirs, bringing them to a rare degree of accomplishment."
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30/11/2016   Kristeligt Dagblad

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Symphony No. 2 The Eart Anew
4/6 Stars

"Monumental in ambition and structure, this work is for all the curious music lovers, who are not afraid to explore uncharted symphonic waters."
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20/10/2016   Politiken

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew
4/6 Hjerter

"A dark giant opus, in which the orchestra creaks and cracks like tectonic plates moving, while the music trickles like water and deep notes make their way into underwater caves"
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30/09/2016   David’s Review Corner

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN Symfoni nr. 2 The Earth Anew
"Another major success"
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26/09/2016   Seismograf

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN: Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew
"Rasmussen is a master of the many timbral possibilities of the orchestra; he is also well-schooled in the symphonic tradition of the 20th century, and in many places he manages to continue this tradition very well"
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Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew
Symphony No. 2 The Earth Anew
Sunleif Rasmussen

CD 8.226175 (2016)

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