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Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

The music of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen is at its most affecting when it is at its most absurd – like in the sinfonietta works on this recording by the composer’s longtime artistic accomplice Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen. The points of departure for the classically absurd PGH pieces on this album range from a red Skoda door, given to the composer by Athelas as a gift (Traffic), over randomly picked newspaper articles (Three Songs to Texts by Politiken) to general inspiration from Samuel Beckett (Repriser and Rerepriser) and Søren Kierkegaard (Og).

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Sinfonietta Works

Ole Buck

The music of Ole Buck (b. 1945) is simple and beauty-seeking, sophisticated and surprising on its own terms. In some works he will make do with as few as five notes, but the composer’s incomparable sense of timing ensures that the listener never feels the need for more. This album presents premiere recordings of four of Buck’s works, of which three are inspired by nature: Fiori di ghiaccio (‘Ice Flowers’), A Tree and Flower Ornament Music – all recorded by Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen and conductor Jesper Nordin.


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Decet & String Quartet

Gustav Helsted

The Danish composer Gustav Helsted (1857-1924) was perceived by his contemporaries as modern and radical. As an advocate of the new, Late Romantic currents that he had encountered on his travels to Germany, France and Italy, he was described in his native Denmark as “...a questing artist who chooses his resources with extremely discerning taste, and who may therefore seem odd and unapproachable”. Today, however, Helsted’s music sounds both charming and accommodating with its strong Romantic expression, and despite the Continental inspiration it is clearly rooted in the Danish tradition and character. On this premiere recording The Danish Sinfonietta and David Riddell present Helsted’s symphonically conceived Decet feom 1891 and the dramatic string quintet in F minor, composed in c. 1917.

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Symphonies 2 & 6

Per Nørgård

I feel each of my symphonies is a whole continent  in itself,” the Danish composer Per Nørgård (b. 1932) has said. His music stems from an insatiable urge to explore the  phe no mena of the world and the possibilities of music, and his eight symphonies stand as milestones along the course of six decades. This recording with the Oslo Philharmonic conducted by John Storgårds presents Per Nørgård’s Second Symphony, in which the composer unfolds his famous ‘infinity principle’ euphorically and almost psychedelically, and his Sixth Symphony, in which the mature composer proves more exploratory and  playful than ever.

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Symphonies 4 & 5

Per Nørgård

Per Nørgård’s music originates in an inextinguishable desire to explore the marvels of the world and the powers of music.  His eight symphonies stand as milestones, composed through six decades, each with its own unique musical world. This recording by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor John Storgårds presents two of Nørgård’s most dramatic works; the chaotic and troubled Symphony No. 4 inspired by the schizophrenic Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli, and the fearless Symphony No. 5, in which the composer seems to embrace violent forces of nature.

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Me Quitte

Niels Rønsholdt

Love is not always a liberating good – it is just as often the root of human misery and degradation. Niels Rønsholdt’s surreal song cycle Me Quitte (2012) sees an iconic Parisienne love song reflected in a cabinet of magic mirrors where good is turned into evil, love is destructive and beauty is repulsive. In this world premiere recording, we hear the vulnerable voice of the composer himself, together with the Faroese singer Anna Katrin Egilstrød and the Danish ensemble SCENATET.

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Herbert Blomstedt conducts the Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Schubert & Bruckner

The special chemistry between the Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra stems from one of the most outstanding  artistic partnerships in the music life of Scandinavia. Blomstedt was the very first chief conductor of the Danish orchestra and is today its honorary conductor – and the partnership is now in its seventh decade!

This DVD celebrates Herbert Blomstedt’s profound insight into the symphonic worlds of Franz Schubert and Anton Bruckner, unfolding in Denmark’s historic Roskilde Cathedral. Blomstedt’s dream of conducting in this dazzling acoustic came true at a memorable concert in 2007, now made available for fans of the Swedish conductor and his Danish orchestra to enjoy worldwide.

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Saul og David

Carl Nielsen


This DVD presents a spectacular new production of Carl Nielsen's dramatic debut opera, Saul & David from 1901 - a production marking the Royal Danish Opera’s celebration of the composer's 150th anniversary in 2015.

King Saul, bitterly jealous of young David, who won the favour of the people by defeating the giant Goliath, is staged in a highly original fashion by acclaimed English director and Nielsen enthusiast David Pountney, who updates the Biblical story to our own time, lending it psychological and political undertones.

The performance is conducted by Nielsen expert Michael Schønwandt and presents an array of Denmark's leading singers with Johan Reuter in the demanding role of King Saul, Niels-Jørgen Riis as David and Ann Petersen as his beloved Mikal.

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Surreal song suite release at SPOR Festival

Niels Rønsholdts song cycle "Me Quitte" will be released on Saturday 14 May during the SPOR Festival in Århus.

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New video: The find of Klenau's 9th symphony

View the incredible story about the find of Paul von Klenau's grandiose 9th symphony from 1945

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Per Nørgård awarded Germany's leading music prize

Danish composer Per Nørgård has been awarded the prestigious Ernst von Siemens Music Prize in recognition of his lifelong contribution to music. Dacapo Records will release the composer's symphonies 2, 4, 5 and 6 with the Oslo Philharmonic and John Storgårds.

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New video: Snowbells by Bent Sørensen

View our video trailer from the recording session of Bent Sørensen's "Sneklokker" with Paul Hillier and the Danish National Vocal Ensemble.

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