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Dacapo Forsiden
Dacapo - Danmarks Nationale Musikantologi

Karl Aage Rasmussen

Tre venner

Esbjerg Ensemble
Niels Christian Øllgaard
Ole Schmidt

Karl Aage Rasmussen, komponist

Karl Aage Rasmussen is one of the most important figures in present-day Danish music, thanks to his industry and the wide range of his talents as composer, writer, music historian, conductor, professor, administrator and nor least organizer of festivals and concerts. His compositions cover many different styles to his recent output, emphasizing construction and stringency as much as expression.

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Movements on a Moving Line (1987)

16:33 Play $3.50

Sinking Through the Dream Mirror (1993)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra


I Prelude and Scherzo

10:17 Play $2.80

II Passacaglia

12:14 Play $2.80

III Rondo

11:38 Play $2.80

Three Friends (1995)


I Toccata. To Svend Nielsen

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II Lamento. To Hans Abrahamsen

4:57 Play $1.40

III Rondo. To Per Nørgård

6:57 Play $2.10
Total spilletid  68 minutes

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Recorded at the Performing Arts Centre, Esbjerg on 17-21 May 1998

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Digital editing: Preben Iwan
Publishers: Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S

Cover picture: Andy Warhol: "Details of Renaissance Paintings (Leonardo: The Annuciation)" (1984)

Recording kindly sponsored by the Danish Composers’ Society/KODA’s Funds for Social and Cultural Purposes, KODA’s Collective Blank Tape Remuneration, Claus Sørensens Fond, Solist-forbundet af 1921, Dansk Musiker Forbund (Danish Musicians’ Union)

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Katalognummer: 8.224094

Stregkode: 730099994323

Udgivelsesmåned: December 1998

Periode: Sent 20. århundrede


"Fine performances and good sound for beautiful, rewarding music" (Fanfare)

"Fine performances (how nice to see conductor Ole Schmidt's name again!) and excellent recorded sound top off a welcome portrait of this characterful composer" (Classics Today) [Read full review]

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