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Dacapo - Danmarks Nationale Musikantologi

Ole Schmidt

Jeanne d'Arc

Aalborg Symfoniorkester
Erling Møldrup, guitar
Nina Pavlovski, sopran

Ole Schmidt, komponist & dirigent

Ole Schmidt is best known as a conductor, but has written a large number of works since his debut in 1955. His musical roots are not only in Neo-Classicist like Kindemith and Stavinsky, but also in the playful freedom of jazz. Ole Schmidt composed the music for Carl Theodor Dreyer's world-famous silent movie The Passion of Jeanne d'Arc (1927) at the request of the Hollywood producer Anett Wolf. The music was premiered in Los Angeles in 1983.

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Jeanne d'Arc (1995)
Music for Carl Th. Dreyer's silent film

The Interrogation Begins

19:03 Play $3.50

A Letter

10:19 Play $2.80


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4:50 Play $1.40

The Judges

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At the Stake

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Total spilletid  58 minutes

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Recorded at Vor Frue Kirke, Aalborg, on 26-29 August 1997

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Sound engineer: Michael Petersen

Cover picture: „Jeanne d‘Arc" from Carl Th. Dreyers silent film

Recording kindly sponsored by the Danish Conductors’ Association and the Danish Composers Society, KODAs funds for Social and Cultural Purposes.

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Katalognummer: 8.224112

Stregkode: 730099981224

Udgivelsesdato: April 1999

Periode: Sent 20. århundrede


"Schmidt's score really is fun, and the recorded sound is rich and full" (Classics Today) [Read full review]

Minimalistisk, enkelt, smukt, eksotisk. (Information)

Da capo! (Klassik Heute)

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