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Dacapo Forsiden
Dacapo - Danmarks Nationale Musikantologi

Carl Nielsen

Symfonier nr. 2 & 3

Inger Dam-Jensen, sopran
DR SymfoniOrkestret
Poul Elming, tenor
Michael Schønwandt, dirigent

Carl Nielsen, komponist


Carl Nielsen was prolific in almost all genres: two operas, six symphonies, three solo concertos, chamber music, piano and organ music, a large number of songs as well as occational music. In his very personal musical ideom he dissociated himself strongly from Late Romanticism, and his early works were inspired by Brahms' classicism, while he later adopted features from European modernism. As the most important Danish composer of the first third of the twentieth century, Nielsen exerted a crucial influence of the Danish composers of the next generations.


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Symphony no. 3 FS 60 op. 27 "Sinfonia espansiva" (1910-11)

I Allegro espansivo

11:46 Play $2.80

II Andante pastorale

9:36 Play $2.10
Inger Dam-Jensen, soprano and Poul Elming, tenor

III Allegretto un poco

6:20 Play $2.10

IV Finale: Allegro

9:38 Play $2.10
Symphony no. 2, FS 29 op. 16 "The Four Temperaments" (1901-02)

I Allegro collerico

10:11 Play $2.80

II Allegro comodo e flemmatico

4:43 Play $1.40

III Andante malincolico

11:20 Play $2.80

IV Allegro sanguineo

7:27 Play $2.10
Total spilletid  8 minutes

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Recorded at the Danish Radio Concert Hall on 25-28 May and 14 June 1999

Recording producer: Claus Due
Sound engineer: Lars S. Christensen

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S

The musical material from the Carl Nielsen Edition was used for this recording

Cover painting: Suzette Holten: "Carl Nielsen" (1899)

dacapo acknowledge, with gratitude, the financial support of Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Legat

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Katalognummer: 8.224126

Stregkode: 730099982627

Udgivelsesmåned: September 1999

Periode: Tidligt 20. århundrede






"Nielsen’s splendid symphonies were for a long time thinly represented in the catalogs, but even in the changed situation of today, with complete cycles springing up on all sides, Michael Schønwandt’s brilliant Danish Symphony recordings on dacapo deserve an unqualified top recommendation" (Fanfare)

"Geist, Herz und Sinne werden hier gleichermassen angesprochen. Eine grandiose Einspielung" (Fono Forum)

"It’s finely paced account with plenty of breath and nobility, and no lack of fire, which can hold its own with the best … His Espansiva is magnificent" ***** (BBC Music Magazine)

"The most impressive thing about this extraordinary first entry in dacapo's new Nielsen symphony cycle is the combination of clarity and total naturalness that Michael Schønwandt and his players demonstrate in bringing out the brilliant details of the composer's orchestration. Nielsen's symphonies remain on the edge of the international repertoire - unjustly, because he's as great a symphonic composer as ever put pen to paper." 10/10 (Classics Today) [Read full review]

"Michael Schønwandt draws a weight of attack and a passionate elouquence from his strings such as I simply never heard from a Danish orchestra before now, while the dacapo recording has greatly superior depth and impact. This opens up possibilities for the dramatic profile of the work ... in the slow movement of the Espansiva even the rival San Francisco version, until now a clear top recommendation for this coupling, sounds bland in comparison"(Gramophone)

"Hos Schønwandt är den danska lyskraften direkt bländande och inte sedan femtiotalet har jag hört en så självklart genial tolkning." (Svenska Dagbladet)

"Das Ergebnis ist mal zwingend und knallig zupackend, mal ganz unsentimental sanglich - insgesamt eine herausragende völlig frisch wirkende Produktion ... Klangbild und Beiheft sind nicht minder gelungen - Fortsetzung dringend erwünscht." (Bergsträsser Anzeiger)

"The result can only be called a triumph. The booklet, too, with extensive and informative notes by Niels Bo Foltmann, is handsome and well produced as the disc itself." (Fanfare)

"Michael Schønwandt legt jetzt mit dem Danish National Symphony Orchestra seine Deutung der "Complete Symphonies" Nielsens vor und avanciert damit zum ganz heißen Anwärter auf den Zyklus des Jahres" (Das Leipziger Stadtmagasin)

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