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Hvordan man afspiller musikken

While mp3 is playable in any player around, there are certain requriements for our FLAC and WMA files.
Below you can learn, in short, about how to get the most out of your downloaded music - on your computer, portable player or home stereo. 

These pages will be developed with time - don't hesitate to contact us if more help is needed.  




For PC users, Windows Media Player that comes with Windows will be the obvious choice of player for our 16- and 24bit WMA files. Stlll, there are a lot of alternatives to download for free, like fx. Winamp.



On your PC
You can play both your 16- and 24bit FLAC files from Dacapo Music Store on your computer instantly after download. You will need software like Winamp, Foobar2000 (both PC only) and the VLC Player, which are among the most popular around.

iTunes does not  support FLAC. But you can get around that by converting, or actually unpacking your FLAC files, back to WAV. This can be done with easy-to-use conversion software like FLAC Frontend. And then your music will be ready for iTunes and also iPod playback - note that WAV files are very large and take a lot of space on your harddrive.


On your MAC
As for PC users, iTunes is not an option. Mac users can play their FLAC files on VLC Player and the Cog player.
We don't support Apple Lossless. If that's your preferred format you can use the easy-to-use conversion software MacFLAC to unpack your FLAC files back to WAV and encode those to almost any other preferred format, now playable in iTunes. 


On your portable player

While iPod, the ruling mp3/portable player on the market, doesn't accept FLAC (conversion to WAV is needed), there are other players that do. A good alternative would be Cowon's esteemed iAudio players, that support a great variety of audio formats.


On your home stereo

For the audiophile and all-exclusive listening experience, you will need to play your hi-res files (at least the 24bit) on your well-configured home stereo. For a start that means a more than average soundcard on your computer, from where your music files could be streamed, a decent set of speakers, an amplifier with at best a digital input and more than medium quality cables.



Our music files are DRM freed, which means they are unprotected. So If you want to play your downloaded music on your CD player, you can choose to burn your hi-res music files.

Your CD Quality files an be burned onto a normal CD - use Windows Media Player to burn your WMA files.

Burning your FLAC files requires more specific software. We will advise about possible solutions shortly. If you want to get started straight away, you can always decode (unpack) your FLAC files to WAV, which can be burned onto CD by almost any software, including iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Beacuse Studio Master Quality files come in a far better sound quality than a CD can deliver, these are so large in size of that you will need to them onto a DVD. To get the best result it is recommended to use professional software, where Cirlinca DVD Audio Solo is recommended.

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